The central control panel serves as the hub of your smart home system, offering centralized management and control over various connected devices. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities, the central control panel empowers users to monitor and command their smart devices effortlessly. From adjusting lighting and temperature to controlling security systems, this central hub enhances convenience and efficiency while creating a more connected living environment. Experience the convenience of streamlined automation with the central control panel at the heart of your smart home setup.

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MOES Tuya 10.1-Inch Smart Control Panel Max with Ble/Zigbee Gateway

Elevate your smart home experience with the Tuya 10.1-Inch Smart Control Panel Max. Seamlessly integrate various smart devices, communicate effortlessly with the built-in doorbell intercom, and monitor your space with the high-definition front camera. Upgraded hardware ensures optimal performance, while remote app control provides convenience and accessibility from anywhere.

MOES Tuya Wifi Smart Touch Screen Center Control Panel with Voice Control Alexa Built-in ZigBee Gateway Built-in

Discover the Smart Control Panel by Tuya, a cutting-edge home automation solution designed to streamline your daily life. With built-in Voice Control Alexa and ZigBee Gateway features, managing your smart devices becomes effortless. Its intuitive touchscreen interface and compact design ensure seamless integration into any space, while its advanced features offer unparalleled convenience and control.