Smart Plug is a convenient smart device for a smart home in Lebanon. Control lights, appliances and other electronics from anywhere with remote control and voice control. The compact design fits easily into any outlet, and integrates with a smartphone app for simple, hassle-free control.

Upgrade your home with the MOES Smart Plug for a smart and convenient living experience in Lebanon.

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MOES Smart Power Strip

Introducing the new arrival from MOES, the all-in-one power strip designed for your convenience. With 4 EU standard AC outlets

MOES Smart Wifi Socket

Upgrade your Lebanon smart home with the MOES Smart WiFi Switch. This sleek and stylish switch offers advanced features for

MOES Wifi Smart Plug with Monitoring

Keep your devices under control with MOES WP-X-EU16M-WH-MS WiFi Plug. This EU type plug comes equipped with a power monitor,

MOES Wifi Smart Plug with Monitoring Matter

Empower your Lebanon home with the Tuya-enabled Smart Plug Matter. Control appliances remotely, schedule usage, and monitor energy consumption. Experience efficient, smart living at your fingertips