Make Your Home Smart and Secure

Upgrade Your Living Experience with Sonoffs Efficient Solutions: Cutting-Edge Home Automation at Your Fingertips, Just a Click Away.

Perfect Solution for Your Home

  • Self-monitoring or 24/7 fast-response pro monitoring
  • Customizable systems you can easily set up yourself
  • Customizable alerts, schedules and automations
  • Security and video packages

Smoke sensor

Open source software for your client's needs

Door/Window Sensor

True enough, but that's not all that it takes

Smart Light

Focus on the actual layout, or color scheme

Smart Cloud System

Take Your Home to the Next Level with Ewelink and Tuya Smart Clouds: Effortless, Secure and Intuitive Home Automation Solutions for a Better Living Experience.

Security Features

Secure your home with ease, using our advanced smart home automation solutions with integrated security features.

Create Personal Scenarios

Automate your smart home with scripts. Rest assured that every command will be delivered to the hub communications executed with reliable radio.

  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • I’m Home
  • Add Scenario

Which Solution is Best for Your Home?